OSKAR is an e-commerce framework that allows you to intelligently manage your data flows. It provides a variety of tools to CONNECT, CONVERT and CONTROL your system landscape and its individual data workflows.

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With OSKAR you can connect a variety of different systems. Whether ERP systems, EC shops, DAM systems or PIM systems. System connections one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many can be configured for you.

With OSKAR you can convert your data from the input system into the correct data format for the desired target system. OSKAR's conversion servers are highly customisable and can be configured for your desired use case.

With OSKAR you can view and monitor all your data flows. All relevant information such as the amount of data transferred, transfer duration and transfer time is provided in the dashboard.

"Our job is to help you get a firm grip on the transaction and communication of your data. For a holistic digitisation of your product data."

Torsten Herbert
Founder & CEO



So, what makes OSKAR so special?

Best operational security

Simple and transparent licensing models offer you no financial risks. What's more, intelligent buffering and batch processing mean you no longer lose any data.

Perfect scalability

Any number of data streams (flows) can be easily created. Each data flow can be run as often as you like. The runs can be fully automated or manual.

High customisability

Depending on the application, the data imports and exports can be customised accordingly. The highly configurable conversion server makes it possible with little adaptation effort.

Countless system connections

Connect the most diverse types of systems with each other and exchange the respective data automatically. Whether ERP to PIM, shop to DAM or middleware to shop. The possibilities are limitless.

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