Multichannel Solutions


Digital-Asset-Management is the storage and management of any digital content, such as graphics, videos, music files and text modules.


We are burning for the digital world of the media and passionately developing software. With great attention to detail, we have created our own DAM System with TESSA™

The multi-channel solution is ideal for manufacturers and dealers.



Product information management provides product information to use them in different output media or distribution channels.


The open source project has made the live of more than 40,000 marketing teams around the world noticeably easier and serves as a central source for product information.

As one of the first akeneo partners in Germany, EIKONA Media has been implementing PIM systems for various industries for several years.



A Content Management System is a software, which helps you to manage and edit content of a website easily and fast.


The free content management system for small to large websites. It is an open source project, first published in 2006 and focuses on accessibility and current web standards.

For years, we have been successfully using this proven system for our customers as a central platform for their corporate communications.


The Online Shop interacts as a product presentation and provides the possibility to handle the order and payment process.

OXID esales

With the online shop software and e-commerce platform OXID eShop you master the digital transformation in sales, marketing and in your entire company.

As a certified OXID partner, we trust in this system and like to recommend it to our customers.


"Emotional shopping. On any device." die aktuellste Version des beliebten Onlineshop-Systems wurde unter diesen Motto entwickelt. Neben einem responsive Design stehen Einkaufswelten und Storytelling im Mittelpunkt.

E-Commerce Lösungen sorgnen für Umsatz und Kundebindung - Als Shopware Experte finden wir den richtigen Weg für Ihren Erfolg!

Digital Signage

Whether advertising messages, corporate identity or infotainment - we develop professional digital signage solutions according to your ideas.

Mobile Apps

We bring your content to the mobile devices. Android, iOS, Hybrid or Web App - The decision will be by your customer requirements.


As a specialist for product and offer configurators, we design and develop a wide variety of solutions for all industries.


At the push of a button, we generate business cards, data sheets or the 1000-page catalog, fully or partially automated.

Technology and Frameworks

Our tools for your success!

Single Source is our Mission

We connect specialized systems for you, whose technology goes hand in hand with humans. This provides us to react flexibly to all market requirements together with you.

Operate all Channels in parallel

Product informations are stored once and maintained centrally. From there, the data is automatically forwarded to various channels, such as the web shop or print catalog. This kind of information management forms the basis of our multichannel strategy.

We work on this with our customers every day.

Connect all Systems synchronously

At the beginning of a successful project is the process analysis. Based on this, EIKONA Media combines or implements coordinated systems that together guarantee a marketing that is tailored to target groups.

Use the potential of single source as well.

We move the brands

Success story with SLV - experience light

SLV one of the world's leading lighting manufacturers in Europe relies on Digital Asset Management with TESSA. In this story you can find out what special measures we have taken for the customer and what successes have been achieved with the new media database.

The Story


Digital communication and process design

As a strategic partner of our clients, we analyze your business processes and develop customized communication tools and e-business solutions - for efficient internal processes, high-quality B2B service and cross-channel success for the end user.

Our long-term customer relationships are based on the high quality of our services in consultation, conception, design and technology.


Almost everything is possible today. In the digitial ager, there are hardly any limits. We are happy to help you to find new ways for digital communication and we like to give you advices. We help you to find the right systems to spread your message where it should be heard.


In the beginning was the light. In this sense, our analysts are committed to finding the best path in a project. They listen, they read and in the end we know which way to go to reach the goal you have set. The devil is often in the details, so it is important for us to work with you to develop a strategy to optimize your processes. Understanding a customer or product is the best way to find the right marketing platform.


Our creative concepts are the storytellers. You create your story suitable for the different media. But not only the story is told new but also the "red thread" spun. Thus our concepts are also the UX specialists. UX (User Experience) is the term used when describing the handling of a software interface. We are also happy to spin your story.


In our graphic department, your ideas are displayed in color. From the logo, through an entire website, to the portal, you will receive an eye catcher. Again, we have frontend- as well as usability designers, working hand in hand with the conceptioners. Graphic communication at the highest level is our passion.


Although our software developers are not made up of zeroes and ones, they live in the underground. Often several hundred lines of code are required to display and harness a software or website, and one rarely sees what masterpieces are beneath the surface. What was invented in the concept and painted in the graphic is brought to life here.


Both our project managers and our sales and account team are available to our customers at all times. We also like to come over for a coffee party or support projects that are not our responsibility. Sometimes one is then just the friend of the side with his experience.


We develop. With you.

Development and progress form the core of our agency. We guarantee our customers short distances, transparent information and competent support. We rely on a sincere cooperation in contact with our employees, customers and suppliers.

We are convinced that excellent ideas can only develop in an environment of mutual appreciation. Working together to find solutions that are as individual as the customer is our passion.

We act. For You.

Our task as an agency: to grasp the essence, wishes and goals of our customers and to develop strategies for optimal positioning in the relevant market. Consulting, conception and implementation are done in accordance with the customer's identity.

We are not interested in uniform measures that could bring you short-term results. We will find specific strategies that will help you in the long term and move you forward. Recognizing and naming this difference is our recipe for success.




Medienverwaltung. Made in Germany

Germany's best-known manufacturer of writing instruments relies on TESSA DAM. The numerous product images from over 35 countries are managed and sent to the desired channels. The appealing user interface and the search for assets have been individually adapted to customer requirements.



Product data from Kitzingen

From the conception of the product data model up to the transfer of the data into the Akeneo PIM the customer was professionally advised. The adjacent systems were taken into account during the conception phase and thus enabled an efficient extraction of the existing products with all relevant information from the PIM to the store.



Let there be light

After comprehensive digitisation at the customer's premises, the Digital Asset Management System TESSA now supplies the new shop with up-to-date product images. The tool convinced with its excellent user experience and its open architecture.

Individual CMS


Take hurdles on delivery

The specially adapted Contao CMS extends the well-known logistics app HABBL and enables the maintenance of information texts and images about the current loading situation at the respective Fressnapffiliale. Drivers can thus effectively exchange information about the current situation and make the delivery of goods more efficient.



Fashion for everyone

With the newly implemented Oxid web shop, the usability and design for shop visitors became much easier and more appealing. In addition, an individually developed "reserve article" function now enables customers to order goods in the web shop and pick them up in the store.



We love Media databases

The highly customized Tessa DAM has been specially adapted to the customer's requirements. With a lot of attention to detail, this unique piece of equipment today facilitates the daily work with pictures of numerous employees in the group. Due to its modular design, the system is still fully updatable.


Melvin & Hamilton

TESSA DAM replace Dropbox

The renowned shoe manufacturer Helvin & Hamilton replaces the existing asset management solution by TESSA-DAM. The integration of TESSA directly into the PIM-Akeneo was decisive in the system selection and optimizes the work processes sustainably.



Bobby Car & Railroad

A Tessa DAM to easily manage and distribute thousands of image and media data. Highly available to access around the clock from over 20 countries.


Fränkische Rohrwerke

5 Competencies under one roof

The eCMS used supports the editors of the Fränkische Rohrwerke daily when editing the content. The high flexibility and adaptability of the editorial system is reflected in interfaces to PIM, DAM and TMS systems.

Web application


Realize visions

A project management tool to centrally plan and control hundreds of projects. Conceived and implemented as a web application, we realize the perfect solution to access it from anywhere.


Bintec Elmeg

Integrated communication solutions

A PIM solution to centrally manage product data and place it in various channels, such as Divert websites or partner portals. In addition, product data sheets are created fully automatically via a Web2Print extension and made available for download.



Kitchen appliances for household and commercial use

The enterprise DAM solution to cover all media production processes. From the first idea to the finished medium, all information is always available with this system. With the integrated workflow engine, the system is also optimally prepared for future requirements.



Vom Anspitzer bis zum Zeichenblock

Media management very easy! Upload, keyword, find and distribute. With our solution, the customer is able to manage documents and media data much more effectively and time-saving than was previously possible.


Hercules Fahrräder

Bicycles since 1886, new website since August 2016

Conception and implementation of the 2017 bike website of the traditional manufacturer was planned and carried out by the EIKONA.



100,000 items to more than 60 dealers

With our PIM solution, ZEG is able to refine more than 100,000 items efficiently and conveniently for different output channels. In addition to dealer showcases, ZEG's brand shops are also supplied with data fully automatically.



Transport logistics. Contract logistics. Europe.

For the CargoLine we realized a multidomain enterprise CMS solution. One main page and 30 partner pages were linked via interfaces and approval workflows. This allows content to be centrally managed and yet played individually.


CINECITTA' Multiplexkino

In 30 seconds to the cinema ticket

With a Mobile First strategy, a bidirectional interface to the POS system and a central movie database, the project goal was consistently realized. Today, several hundred transactions per day are processed via the newly created portal. The functionality has been expanded to include eTicketing, webshop and gastro offerings.

Research Project


Supply of older people

Initiated by the Fraunhofer Institute, the joint project "Homecare Services" was launched. The participating partners develop an innovative communication system and logistics concept that ensures the care of elderly people in their homes.



The specialist for automatic lubrication

Design print media online. With the configurator developed by EIKONA media, product labels can be designed directly in the web browser and coordinated with the customer.

Android App


The Real-Bauleiter-App

As part of the project, an Android application was developed, which optimally supports the workflow of a construction site inspection and its documentation and postprocessing.

Datalight - Configurator

Fränkische Rohrwerke

Aus Excel wird eine Applikation

An individual web application was developed to calculate the meters of lines for a trade and the cost. Apart from the total amount, a complete parts list is also generated.


Paper + Design

Printed paper napkins and paper tablecloths 365 days a year, 24/7 in production. In order to manage the gigantic amount of data, P & D has been using the MDB of EIKONA for years and now also the TESSA™ DAM since 2016.

Android App


Truck mobil, Prozess mobil

All processes that a driver has to perform on his tour, such as checklists before starting or barcode scanning on unloading, but also important information such as status messages, photo function for documentation, are possible with this app.

PIM with Web2Print

Glaswarenfabrik Hecht

Catalog at the touch of a button

All product data of the Glaswarenfabrik Karl Hecht were collected and enriched in a central database.
Today, the company is able to create a 300-page printable complete catalog in one layer with just one click.

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