Akeneo Shopware Connector

Export your Akeneo products to shop goods

The connector enables smooth data exchange from Akeneo PIM (optional TESSA DAM) to Shopware. Benefit from up-to-date product data in your online store and be faster on the market.

Our connector runs on the Oskar MIDDLEWARE and is connected via interfaces with Akeneo, and shopware. For this reason, he is with all the Akeneo versions 2.x (EE/CE) and higher compatible. On the shop side, we support the store merchandise editions 5 and 6. Oscar is an E-Commerce Framework that allows you to manage your data flows in an intelligent way. There are a variety of tools to connect, conversion and control of your System landscape and your individual data and processes. There are Full - and Delta-exports to shop goods possible.


Easy setup
You can get our SaaS solution up and running in just a few hours.
Simple price model
Regardless of export and product numbers.
High time saving
Imports and exports run completely automatically and without any personnel.
Satisfied employees
Reduce mindless manual processes and increase employee satisfaction.
Current product data
Create always up-to-date product information in your online store through system connections.


Highly configurable mapping interface of product and item data.
Product images
Product images are converted and placed in the correct location when transferred to Shopware.
Product models
The connector intelligently converts existing Akeneo product models to Shopware.
Product variants
All product variants and product models are automatically transferred from Akeneo to Shopware.
We can transfer localizable Shopware information in multiple languages.

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