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Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Übach-Palenberg, SLV today is one of the world's leading lighting manufacturers in Europe. The international company develops, produces and distributes fashionable high-quality lighting solutions. After more than 40 years on the market the company has 11 subsidiaries and sells its lighting solutions in over 100 countries.

By now SLV GmbH can resort on more than 8000 products and more than 600 employees throughout Europe to bring their vision of light to the customer.


300 000+



The Challenges

Going live in under two months

SLV previously worked with a known, but outdated DAM system. With the on-premises software only a few file formats could be used, leading to restrictions in day-to-day operations. The old system could have been converted to a comprehensive media database with massively higher license costs and a very complex conversion process. However, the associated licensing model and the lack of a cloud infrastructure have led to a decision against this solution and to explore the market for new possibilities.

The Solution


Our self-developed TESSA DAM system supports manufacturers and dealers ideally in the management of digital assets (images, documents, videos, etc.). Our DAM tool can be used independently or in combination with a PIM system (e.g. Akeneo PIM). We offer the deployment options: SaaS, on-site (on-premise) installation and private cloud. With numerous available connectors and plug-ins we adapt our DAM system to your special needs.

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"The transition to Tessa as the new DAM system went completely smooth. I have rarely experienced such a relaxed system introduction! In less than two months the thing was up!"

Oliver Kleinjans
Teamleader Sales
Master Data Management

The Measures

In-house Workshop

During the 1-day workshop the TESSA DAM system was presented in detail with all available functions and features. Together with all the stakeholders involved in the project, the customer’s individual requirements were recorded and current challenges and goals were discussed. A timeline of the project was elaborated and first drafts of the data models were processed. This enabled a rapid start of system integration at the customer's premises.

System adaptation according to customer requirements

Due to special workflows and habits of the potential system users, the search for product images in Tessa was especially adapted to the customer‘s requirements. An Akeneo plug-in was installed allowing direct access from the Akeneo PIM to existing media in Tessa. The interface of the Digital Asset Management System was adapted to avoid potential performance problems of adjacent systems.


The Successes

Maximum usability

The individual adaptation to the Digital Asset Management System enables SLV users to work efficiently with their media database. The time required to search for product data images has been significantly reduced and all the information required is immediately available.

Automation of manual processes

Many work processes, such as the availability and processing of media in other countries, which previously involved a great deal of effort, can now be automated and implemented with TESSA DAM without any further action required.



Future-proof system

Despite the special individualization of the Digital Asset Management System according to customer requirements, Tessa DAM is fully updatable and prepared for the challenges of SLV in the future due to its modular design and precautions in the source code.

Product pictures always up-to-date

With Tessa DAM the customer's product data images are always up-to-date in all channels such as web shop or print media. Catalogue production lasting several weeks was made significantly easier by automated extraction of currently required product images.

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